Born to Move!

++ Born to Move will be back in 2015! Stay tuned for the new class times ++

We want to get our young people physically active through BORN TO MOVE™ a continuous series that takes children from toddler age through to their teens, fostering and cementing positive physical habits so they’re hardwired for a lifetime.


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What to bring?

Children need to be in comfortable clothes they can easily stretch and move in. For the 8-12 age group sport shoes are recommended. Don’t forget to bring a drink bottle as well.

Who will teach the class?

BORN TO MOVE™ Teachers are a special breed. They have been chosen for their rapport with young people and trained in the latest fitness techniques to inspire a love of movement in every child. They are strong, compassionate leaders who genuinely respect and understand young people – and know how to coach the best from each one while having a whole heap of fun.



6 to 7 year olds

This class introduces fundamental movement skills using fun rather than formal exercise routines. Teachers will focus on foundation and games. Children of this age are primarily visual learners and emphasis is on easy to copy moves. The content is co-created with young people and music is drawn from their world. *This class is now offered at Young Public School every Thursday.


8 to 12 year olds

In this class, Teachers show participants how to do moves from dance, martial arts and yoga. It includes great music and games to keep things interesting while developing fitness skills. The Teacher will adapt their approach to match participant mood and energy levels so everyone leaves class feeling great.