Melissa (8 Week Challenge)

Melissa Burt.B&A

Lost 6.2 kg;  Waist – 10.5cm;  Hips – 6cm

I feel better in myself.  Building up the muscles around my knees and losing some weight has eased my knees, I have already gone back to smaller size clothes, and my kids are choosing to do exercise and take the healthier food options.




Shirley (8 Week Challenge)

Lost 5.4kg;  Waist – 3cm;  Hips -6.5cm

I found the staff to be very helpful and encouraging.  I am delighted with the amount of weight that I have lost… My achievements in Small Group Training sessions have been more than I ever expected.

Linda (12 Week Challenge)

Linda.Before&AfterLost 16.6kg; Waist -12.5cm; Hips -15.0cm

“12 Weeks has seen many changes physically, mentally and nutritionally.  For me the 12 week point has seen me surpass my original goal of losing 10 kgs, I have much greater energy, better eating habits and my fitness has taken huge steps forward… I will continue to attend at least 2 SGT sessions a week and follow the Metabolic Jumpstart program, working my way forward to my next goal.  Thanks to the great team at NRG I am sure I will reach those goals and have fun doing it.”



Courtney (12 Week Challenge)

Courtney Patterson.Before&After

Lost 12.8kg; Waist -16.0cm; Hips -8.0cm

“At the end of the 12 weeks I have realised that it wasn’t about losing weight but improving my quality of life.  I’m fit, I’m strong and I have developed determination to continue a healthy and fit life.  Having 2 children under 3, I want them growing up with the confidence and knowledge to lead a healthy active lifestyle.”




Eileen (12 Week Challenge)

Eileen.Before&AfterLost 11.3kg; Waist -19.5cm; Hips -13.5cm

“The benefits I have received are far more than I ever expected, physically and mentally.  I looked forward to my gym sessions and I’m keen to continue.  Through Matt O’Neill I have gained knowledge of the nutritional value of food and drinks and this has helped me greatly to make better choices.  I have gained the confidence to stop making excuses, stick to a good eating and exercise plan and achieve.”