Matt O’Neill’s Metabolic Jumpstart

Achieve breakthrough results with our revolutionary nutrition program!
Now you can combine your fitness training at NRG Fitness Centre with a powerful nutrition plan, designed by leading Dietitian Matt O’Neill. We’ve partnered with Matt to bring you this revolutionary food program and additional ongoing benefits, when you register with us.


What is Metabolic Jumpstart?

Metabolic Jumpstart is very different because you receive a Dietitian-designed nutrition plan, personally matched by Matt O’Neill to optimise your metabolism and your results.
You choose whether to lose weight fast, slow, maintain or even gain weight. Your plan will match your desired goal.
With your correct calorie level, correct balance of protein and carbohydrates, and correct nutrient intake, your metabolism resets and results appear automatically.
In just 4-weeks, you’ll re-program your eating habits with this surprisingly simple approach to food.

What you get

With NRG Fitness Centre, you get a complete nutrition package:

  • Your Metabolic Jumpstart Report with Nutrition Plan
  • Motivation Pack posted to you with target cards & fridge cards
  • 4-Week email coaching program to change your eating habits
  • Discussion forum for expert advice and answers

Your Personalised Metabolic Jumpstart Report

Your unique 16-page report contains:

  • Body shape assessment and metabolic rate figures
  • Personal calorie burning times for specific foods
  • Sample menu plan showing correct meals and snacks
  • Nutrition targets for kJ, calories, fat, protein and carbs
  • Ready Reckoner with simple food group targets
  • Mix and match food guide with easy-to-follow rules

BONUS Metabolic Jumpstart Club Membership worth $9.95/month
When you register for your Metabolic Jumpstart with NRG Fitness Centre, you receive as a special bonus – MJ Club Membership – normally $9.95 per month, but included with your package. That’s $120 per year additional value!

Your MJ Club Membership includes access to:


  • Over 350 nutrient-rich recipes
  • Over 100 tip sheets with solutions for every challenge
  • 20 mind-shifting audio seminars by Matt O’Neill
  • Motivation Planner, with audio guide
  • Expert interviews on key topics, like hormones and metabolism
  • Dozens of downloadable tools, charts, trackers and posters
  • Matt O’Neill’s ongoing support, advice and motivation

Weekly MJ Club eNews motivation & tips

As part of your Metabolic Jumpstart with NRG Fitness Centre, you also get the weekly MJ Club eNews direct from Matt and his team when you start your program.
With expert advice, fresh food ideas and encouraging support, this regular contact is important to help you continue or maintain your results.

NRG Fitness Centre and Metabolic Jumpstart give you the best of fitness and nutrition for the breakthrough you deserve.
To get started with your Metabolic Jumpstart contact us today.

NOTE: Metabolic Jumpstart is the nutritional program included in our 12 week Challenge2Change: a great opportunity to experience this program whilst optimising your training!