here was a time when PT was considered something for the rich and famous. Not anymore!

PT is for everyone, especially if you

  • are starting out with a new fitness routine
  • want to get results fast
  • thrive on personal support and encouragement
  • want to build momentum and consistency
  • are training for a special event
  • want to be pushed just that bit harder than you would push yourself
  • have reached a plateau
  • are unsure about how to optimise your workout and use the equipment
  • want advice and guidance specifically tailored to your wellness


Our certified Personal Trainers will

  • help you set fitness goals and teach you how to exercise to get results
  • give structure to your program and monitor your results
  • alter your programme as needed to avoid plateaus
  • add variety to your workout
  • help you balance the main components of physical fitness in your program

With PT you will see 80% better results, 3 times as fast as you could on your own!


“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” – source unknown